Executive Team

The Clorox Company is led by an executive committee committed to applying its unique talents and perspectives to drive profitable, sustainable growth while staying true to our values. Overseeing management’s operation of our business is our board of directors, which represents the interests of our stockholders as it monitors the effectiveness of management policies and decisions and execution of strategies, and helps ensure that the company operates in a legal, ethical, and socially responsible manner.

  1. Portrait: Benno Dorer

    Benno Dorer
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  2. Portrait: James Foster

    James Foster
    Executive Vice President
    Product Supply, Enterprise Performance and IT

  3. NI-24339WorkOrder-105157

    Stephen M. Robb
    Executive Vice President
    Chief Financial Officer

  4. Portrait: Laura Stein

    Laura Stein
    Executive Vice President
    General Counsel and Corporate Affairs

  5. Portrait: Nick Vlahos

    Nick Vlahos
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Household, Lifestyle and Core Global Functions

  6. Portrait: Dawn Willoughby

    Dawn Willoughby
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
    Cleaning, International and Corporate Strategy

  7. Portrait: Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey
    Senior Vice President
    Corporate Business Development

  8. Portrait: Jon Balousek

    Jon Balousek
    Senior Vice President
    General Manager, Specialty Division

  9. Portrait: Michael Costello

    Michael Costello
    Senior Vice President
    International Division

  10. Portrait: Denise A. Garner

    Denise A. Garner
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Innovation Officer

  11. Portrait: Matt Laszlo

    Matt Laszlo
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Customer Officer

  12. Portrait: Kirsten Marriner

    Kirsten Marriner
    Senior Vice President
    Chief People Officer

  13. Portrait:  Linda Rendle

    Linda Rendle
    Senior Vice President
    General Manager, Cleaning Division

  14. Portrait: Eric Reynolds

    Eric Reynolds
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Marketing Officer

  15. Portrait: Manjit Singh

    Manjit Singh
    Senior Vice President
    Chief Information Officer