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Clorox Supplier Center

With more than 100 years of experience delivering high-quality products to consumers, The Clorox Company knows that success is only possible when great people work together to win. The collaboration needed to deliver outstanding results year after year extends beyond our organization, and includes the thousands of business partners and dedicated suppliers we work with every day.

Within the Clorox Supplier Center, we’ve assembled information to help current and future suppliers better understand our expectations and start, or maintain, an effective business partnership with our company. The critical goods and services you provide today are important, but the innovative solutions and shared commitments to responsible behavior and sustainable business practices are key to our continued success.



Sourcing Principles

In addition to embracing the company’s mission and values, our procurement team adheres to the following seven principles when conducting strategic sourcing. These serve as the foundation for purchasing activities and guide our interactions with external suppliers. Our success depends on productive collaboration between us and our business partners. While individual ownership and contributions make a difference, teamwork is equally important to achieving great results.


Expanding Our Base of Diverse Suppliers and Diverse Spending

We also continue to drive inclusion and diversity of experience, gender and thought within our supplier base through our supplier diversity program.


Supplier Links

  • NEW: eProcurement for Indirect Purchases

    Starting January 19, 2021, The Clorox Services Company will launch a new cloud based eProcurement System for Indirect Goods and Services.  Powered by Coupa, internally, we call it myBuy.  To electronically receive Purchase Orders (PO) and submit invoices in the new eProcurement system, suppliers will need to join the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).  The system allows Clorox to process invoices and our suppliers to receive payments in a timely manner; not working within the new system could have significant delays.

    CSP is a free tool for Clorox’s suppliers to use to:

    • Configure their PO transmission preferences
    • View purchase orders
    • Create electronic invoices with attachments

    Our Supplier Enablement team SupplierCSP@clorox.com is eager to assist suppliers in connecting and using this free cloud-based tool. Suppliers will use the CSP to receive PO’s and submit invoices directly into Clorox’s eProcurement system versus the traditional means of sending invoices to an Accounts Payable (A/P) address for processing. Once invoices are submitted into the CSP, a supplier is able to immediately review the status 24/7 (Pending Approval, Pending Receipts, Approved, etc.). In addition, by submitting invoices via the CSP, a supplier will realize even more benefits such as:

    • Reducing lead time between invoice submission and invoice processing by approximately 4-5 working days
    • Eliminating mailing costs of the invoices
    • Removing the risk of losing invoices in Transit.
    • Gaining the ability to view real-time:
    • PO number associated with an invoice
    • New POs
    • Remaining PO balance after an invoice is posted/processed

    Access the Clorox myBuy Coupa Training Guide below for valuable information on how to register and navigate the CSP.



         training clips

  • Supplier Onboarding Tool

    This tool is used by Clorox suppliers who have previously been provided with a login and password to collaborate with Clorox. Suppliers enter and manage their basic supplier data (addresses, bank data, contact names, W-9, W-8, etc.) through this site.


  • Diversity Supplier Reporting Portal

    This portal is used by prime suppliers to provide quarterly reports of their direct and indirect spend with Tier 2 diverse suppliers. Existing suppliers will be provided with a login and password allowing entry into the system for reporting. Reminders of reporting requirements are sent quarterly. The login screen also includes a “Register” link for new certified diverse suppliers who have interest in working with Clorox.


General Invoice Information

Invoice information for Clorox U.S. businesses