Integrated IGNITE ESG Goals

As part of our IGNITE strategy, we’ve unveiled an ambitious set of environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals integrated with our strategic business choices.

Goal No. 1: Planet


Ambition: Be a leader in environmental sustainability, with a focus on plastic and other waste reduction and science-based climate action.

Plastic and Other Waste

  • 50% combined reduction in virgin plastic and fiber packaging by 2030
  • 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging by 2025
  • Double plastic PCR in packaging by 2030 (+50% by 2025)
  • 100% global facilities zero-waste-to-landfill by 2030 (plants by 2025)*


Climate Stewardship

  • Set and achieve science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in our operations (scope 1 and 2) and across our value chain (scope 3)†
  • 100% renewable electricity in the U.S. and Canada in 2021


* Where infrastructure allows
† Will set science-based targets (SBTs) for GHG emissions in coordination with and to be approved by the SBT Initiative over the next two years

Goal No. 2: Product


Ambition: Be a leader in responsible product stewardship, with a focus on progressive actions to enhance our own and consumer packaged goods industry practices.

Product Advocacy

  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to advance the science behind alternative approaches to animal testing. Our vision for our industry is to eliminate such testing requirements for disinfecting products by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and replace animal testing with non-animal alternatives

Ingredient Management

  • Reduce cleaning products chemical footprint; annually report program progress beginning in calendar year 2020
  • Publicly share Clorox restricted substances list for domestic retail cleaning products by calendar year 2020

Transparency Commitments

  • Increase the reach of the SmartLabel product information tool and expand our scope of consumer-meaningful information
  • Aggressively increase our third-party product certifications by 2025

Goal No. 3: People


Ambition: Help our consumers and employees through purpose-led choices that enhance well-being.


  • Increase people’s (consumer) well-being as measured by the number of our wellness-related product categories in U.S. homes, including natural personal care; vitamins, minerals and supplements; water filtration and hydration; and cleaning products


  • Enhance financial literacy of our employees to enable better planning and superior retirement readiness as measured by replacement income ratio (%)
  • Set targets related to manager capabilities, working environment and health & wellness outcomes
  • Maintain our recordable incident rate of <1.0 with a comprehensive safety management effort striving for an injury-free workplace
  • Ensure gender and ethnic pay equity
  • Achieve our gender and ethnic minority representation targets
  • Achieve our inclusion index* targets


* A composite score for a set of survey questions we ask our employees, benchmarked against industry and/or other norms

Goal No. 4: Governance


Ambition: Enhance our leadership in ESG through an unwavering commitment to strong corporate governance and ESG performance overseen by the board of directors.

  • Executive compensation awards tied to elements of our ESG goals for members of the Clorox executive committee, including for the chair and CEO