Corporate Governance

Doing the right thing — this core value guides every business decision we make at Clorox.

Our commitment to corporate responsibility, including our core value of doing the right thing guides every business decision we make at Clorox. We maintain rigorous corporate governance practices and internal controls, with oversight by our board of directors, chairman and chief executive officer, chief financial officer, general counsel and the other members of our executive committee. These practices are enunciated in our governance guidelines and committee charters, and our commitment to inclusion & diversity at the director level is articulated in our Board Diversity Policy.

The Clorox Code of Conduct documents the ethical and legal standards of behavior and business practices that are required of all our directors, executives and employees around the world. We require all board members and employees complete training and certify compliance with our code.

Our commitment to treating people with dignity, respect and equal opportunity also extends to our business partners. All business partners must certify their compliance with Clorox’s Business Partner Code of Conduct, which specifically addresses practices of our direct suppliers of goods, service providers, consultants, distributors, licensees, joint ventures, contractors and temporary workers in the areas of human rights and labor, health and safety, the environment and business conduct and ethics.

This value of doing the right thing and our culture of corporate responsibility means we follow all local laws and requirements everywhere we do business, including but not limited to our tax policies, privacy policies and our political activities, which includes developing public policy and legislation that supports our business priorities.