Hero: Corportate Responisibility



Committed to Good Growth


We believe our short-and long-term success lies in our focus on one thing: Good Growth. It’s growth that’s profitable, sustainable and achieved in a responsible way.

That’s why Clorox’s integrated IGNITE strategy—our long-term strategic plan that guides our business —includes financial as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. These ESG goals represent our top priorities and build on progress we’ve made throughout our 2020 strategy period. By integrating these priorities into our long-term business strategy, we can better unlock the potential for long-term value creation as we keep our corporate responsibility commitments to people, planet and product front and center in our decision-making every day.

Good Growth is about achieving success the right way: responsibly and guided by our values. We’re proud of our efforts to support the well-being of our employees; manufacture safe, high-quality products that deliver value to our consumers; evolve our relationships with strategic suppliers; serve as strong partners for our retail customers; and strengthen our communities.



Goal No. 1: Planet

Ambition: Be a leader in environmental sustainability, with a focus on plastic and other waste reduction and science-based climate action.

Learn more in the Environmental Sustainability section of this website.

Goal No. 2: Product

Ambition: Be a leader in responsible product stewardship, with a focus on progressive actions to enhance our own and consumer packaged goods industry practices.

Learn more in the What We’re Made Of section of this website.

Goal No. 3: People

Ambition: Help our consumers and employees through purpose-led choices that enhance well-being.

Learn more about the steps we are taking toward this goal for our consumers on Our Brands and Support for Public Health webpages, and for our employees in the Our People section of this website.

Goal No. 4: Governance

Ambition: Enhance our leadership in ESG through an unwavering commitment to strong corporate governance and ESG performance overseen by the board of directors.

Learn more in the Corporate Governance section of this website.


Reporting Our Progress

Guided by a commitment to transparency, we report progress against IGNITE ESG goals on our corporate website and in our integrated annual report. In our report, we include disclosures developed in accordance with the core requirements of the International Integrated Reporting Council’s framework and the United Nations Global Compact’s Ten Principles. Our reporting is also informed by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s Household and Personal Products standard as well as the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.


Assurance of Corporate Responsibility Metrics

We believe voluntary assurance of our nonfinancial information – more often referred to as our corporate responsibility metrics – reinforces the reliability of our data while strengthening our reporting processes and systems.

In 2012 we began to independently assure key performance measures, and our current scope of assurance includes greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1,2 and 3), energy consumption, water consumption, workforce demographics, total recordable incident rate, and U.S. product donations. In our annual integrated report we present our corporate responsibility metrics that have gone through annual assurance review by Ernst & Young, LLP.

We selected these metrics in part based on a 2015 Clorox materiality assessment of environmental, operational, people and product matters as well as external benchmarking, a review of the Global Reporting Initiative indicators and the International Integrated Reporting Council principles. A cross-functional team and members of the Clorox Executive Committee reviewed and approved the selection of these metrics for assurance review. 


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