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William Murray

William “Bill” Murray, an early investor along with his wife Annie, became our first general manager in 1916, helping to save the company from near collapse by streamlining operations and arranging new financing.

William and Ann Murray

Annie Murray, pictured here with Bill at their thriving Oakland grocery store, had the brilliant idea to market Clorox liquid bleach to homemakers in 1916. She gave away free samples and talked up the product's benefits as a "bleacher, germicide, cleanser and disinfectant." Her customers loved it and told their friends.

Oakland plant

Among the founding partners' first acts was to acquire a manufacturing plant. At a cost of $3,000, the Oakland plant used brine from San Francisco Bay's salt water ponds to begin commercial production of concentrated industrial-strength bleach.


A beloved advertising icon, Butch, was the company's mascot from 1934 to 1958. With an amber-glass beach bottle for a body, Butch stood for a dazzling-white clean. Here’s Butch featured in a store display in the 1950s.

Stock certificate

We went public for the first time in 1928 as the Clorox Chemical Company, issuing 200,000 shares of common stock traded on the San Francisco Stock Exchange. This was the first stock certificate.

1913 crockery jug

In 1913, Clorox© liquid bleach was offered in five-gallon crockery jugs and used industrially by laundries, breweries, walnut bleachers and municipal water companies. This product was delivered by horse and wagon to various customers in San Francisco Bay Area.

Glass bottle

A corked glass bottle of Clorox© bleach from 1920.

Barbara Roth

Barbara Roth, daughter of CEO Bill Roth, posing in 1929 with Clorox amber-colored bottles.

Train 1931

A hand-painted photograph of a train with 66 carloads of Clorox® bleach, shipped through the Port of Oakland to Albany, NY, in 1931.

Clorox Company Logo

The Clorox Company’s logo.

100 year edition

Celebrating 100 years of turning messy moments into memories, a limited edition label for Clorox© Splash-less Regular Bleach is on shelves starting May 2013.

100 year celebration

California Governor Jerry Brown and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, shown here with The Clorox Company Chairman and CEO Don Knauss, were surprise guests at an employee celebration for Clorox’s 100th anniversary.

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