Hero: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Today’s global marketplace requires diverse thinking and a leadership team with a variety of world views experiences and thought processes. It also requires an environment where employees are encouraged to share their unique points of view. Only by tapping into our diversity of thought can we innovate drive competitive advantage and win in a multicultural marketplace.

Connecting Through Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) are designed to help drive inclusion and diversity of experience gender ethnicity and thought within Clorox. These groups help employees connect with each other serve as a forum for career mentorship and development and strive to foster greater understanding of different perspectives and backgrounds through cultural events panel discussions and volunteer activities. Our ERGs also partner with our marketing teams and serve as vital internal focus groups inspiring product innovations accelerating product placement plans and deepening our understanding of the multicultural marketplace.

  • African Americans Building Leadership Excellence (ABLE)
  • Asian ERG
  • Latinos for Excellence, Advancement & Development (LEAD)
  • Clorox Pride
  • Support Heart & Opportunity for Women

Employee Networks: Sharing Ideas

We also have employee networks including VetNet for our veterans and their supporters the Eco Network for those passionate about sustainability ORBIT to help our remote employees stay connected and NextGen for the next generation of employees to share their ideas. These networks serve a marketplace for ideas address specific business needs and provide opportunities for employees to share their ideas and support each other.

  • EcoNetwork
  • NextGen
  • Offices Remote But Integral Teammates (ORBIT)
  • Clorox Veteran’s Network (VetNet)