Our approach to ESG governance

Our approach to ESG governance

Clorox’s ESG governance starts at the top, with oversight from our board and senior management team, and extends down to the grass-roots level, where sustainability is embedded into our operations and our employees’ day-to-day activities.
Our ESG progress is overseen by our ESG Executive Committee, which is led by our chief legal officer, and managed by a cross-functional ESG Steering Team, which is led by our head of sustainability. Execution is shared with our business units, which also share responsibility for our IGNITE ESG goals.
This ESG governance structure is designed to further integrate our IGNITE ESG goals into our business units and enhance how the company allocates resourcesassigns decision-making authority and accountability, sets ESG targets and measures performance. The structure also helps identify and mitigate risks associated with ESG issues, such as resource dependency, resource scarcity and physical business disruption.  
As part of our ESG governance approach, we have in place Codes of Conduct for teammates and all those who do business with us, outlining our expectations in the areas of human rights and labor, health and safety, the environment and business conduct and ethics. Through our due diligence processes for corporate and business development matters, we also review the ESG profiles — including the risks and opportunities — of potential partners and acquisition targets to understand alignment with Clorox’s purpose, expectations and IGNITE strategy.  
In addition to the ESG governance structure outlined on this page, we also have issue-specific governance and processes customized to the specific needs of each area, including:



Board of Directors

At Clorox, the board of directorsthrough the Nominating, Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee oversees Clorox’s ESG matters and compliance and is updated at least quarterly on ESG matters. The full board also receives regular ESG updates and engages on key topics.


ESG Executive Committee

The ESG Executive Committee — sponsored by the CEO — determines strategic considerations where the business will continue to focus on and optimize its ESG work. It also oversees progress against our IGNITE ESG goals and escalates ESG issues if required.


ESG Steering Team

The ESG Steering Team drives enterprisewide ESG priorities; ensures integration of our goals into the business units; connects and amplifies the ESG work being led by multiple teams throughout the company; and ensures broad organizational awareness across ESG priorities. The team also provides a forum for ESG working group leaders to share insights and recommendations on how the company might improve its ESG approach in specific areas. 
This team is led by our head of sustainability and includes our chief diversity and social impact officer, corporate secretary, vice president of global stewardship, and representatives from various other functions. 


The ESG Team

The ESG Team, overseen by our head of sustainability, serves as a center of ESG subject matter experts and drives sustainability initiatives, including reporting and execution against our IGNITE ESG goals.


ESG working groups

ESG working groups are cross-functional teams established to focus on the execution of ESG programs. These working groups are primarily outcome-driven. They are formed as needed to address an emerging ESG issue requiring timebound action, or to fill a resource gap by managing a program requiring complex coordination across multiple internal stakeholders.


Employee groups

The company has multiple teams of passionate employees leading the way to integrate environmental and social responsibility into Clorox work and culture. From volunteers at our plants who initiate and execute environmental workplace initiatives to our 13 employee resource groups that are integral to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace to our GIFT Ambassadors who champion donating time and money to worthwhile causes, our employee-led groups have played an especially important role in elevating ESG within Clorox and helping us deliver our bold sustainability aspirations.