Human Rights

Human Rights Commitment

Behind every company, every product, every ingredient, there are people. Businesses can only thrive in communities where everyone’s dignity and rights are respected and protected. It’s not just a business imperative. It’s a moral imperative.

Clorox is committed to treating people — our employees, partners, consumers, customers, business partners, suppliers and anyone else with whom we interact — with respect and dignity.

Clorox’s core value is “do the right thing.” Consistent with the United Nations Global Compact Principles on Human Rights, Clorox has established expectations in the areas of human rights and labor, respectful treatment and equal opportunity, health and safety, environmental sustainability and also business conduct and ethics.

Read the Clorox’s Human Rights Commitment.

Human Trafficking

The Clorox Company has put in place various programs to manage the risks of slavery and trafficking throughout the Clorox supply chain.

Modern Slavery

Read our Modern Slavery & Supply Transparency Statement.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

Read our California Transparency in Supply Chains Act disclosure statement.