Brita Brand Wants You to Drink Like You Care

By Rachel Shahvar, MarCom Group Manager

Simple insights can inspire powerful ads. That’s the case with the Brita® brand’s newest marketing campaign.

Think for a minute. We all have that friend who prides themselves on being environmentally friendly in ways big and small — until they’re thirsty.

That’s precisely the behavior the Brita team is committed to changing with “Drink Like You Care,” which launched in September.

Consumer research shows that many people currently see bottled water as a “healthy” choice. And while drinking water over soda is certainly a healthier option, choosing single-use bottled water is not.

We use 2,000 single-use plastic bottles every second in the U.S. alone, and 70% of those bottles are not recycled. With the “Drink Like You Care” campaign, Brita’s wants to show people that if they truly care about the planet, it’s time to break their bottled water habit and drink like it.

The bold, purpose-lead campaign is fully integrated and includes TV, social and digital spots that position Brita as great tasting water without waste. Here are two examples of “Drink Like You Care.” The Brita team is so proud to launch this truly purpose-driven campaign.

We’ll drink to that!