The Clorox Company Foundation

Founded in 1980, The Clorox Company Foundation has a mission to foster healthy and inclusive communities so people can be well and thrive. Since its inception, the foundation has awarded cash grants totaling nearly $130 million to nonprofit organizations.

In 2021, the Foundation created a Signature Theme tied to its mission and the Clorox Company purpose: to champion people so that they can be well and thrive, every single day.

Signature Theme – Health Security

The health & wellness of people is a basic human right. The Clorox Company Foundation has organized its giving around efforts to support that right. We call that “Health Security.” Health Security means ensuring the well-being of underserved people and our communities. We do this by providing resources and support to improve their overall health and help them flourish.

Based on the promise of Health Security, the Foundation now focuses on programs that support three areas:

Community Wellness

Racial Justice

Organizations that are working at the community-level to address social determinants of health and racial justice issues

Youth Development/Education

Programs that increase equity of opportunity, access, and outcomes to create lasting social impact


Organizations that address the UN Sustainable Development Goals: UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). Our grants will center around goals 11-15, with a focus on solving environmental issues that disproportionately impact urban areas and communities of color.

Disease Prevention

Organizations that: 1) Educate and/or provide supplies to people/healthcare facilities; 2) Conduct research regarding infection control, regarding preventing the spread of germs/disease in a post-pandemic life.

Disaster Relief & Preparedness

Organizations that focus on emergency preparedness, response and recovery locally and nationally.

The Foundation serves the communities surrounding our Oakland, California, headquarters as well as those surrounding our remote offices and manufacturing facilities. We also support public health on a global level, through American Red Cross and other partners, donating cash and disinfecting products to address pandemics such as COVID-19 and Ebola as well as supporting a program to provide safe drinking water in Peru and Africa.

To learn more about The Clorox Company Foundation grantmaking, eligibility and guidelines, please click the links below.


Board of Trustees

  • Linda Rendle, Chair
  • Kirsten Marriner, President
  • Paola Gonzalez, Vice President/Treasurer
  • David Kellis, Vice President/Secretary
  • David Green, Trustee
  • Jennifer Richter, Trustee
  • Pat Hayes, Trustee
  • Peddy Khatami, Trustee
  • Troy Datcher, Trustee



  • Deborah Napierski, Community Relations
  • Donna Turner, Community Relations
  • Nichelle Rachal, Community Relations
  • Summer Marten, Community Relations


Employee Volunteerism and Workplace Giving

Clorox employees are the heart of our philanthropy. In addition to providing cash grants and product donations to nonprofits, we champion employee engagement, by matching employee donations through our workplace giving program (GIFT) and rewarding our employees’ volunteer hours.

While the causes employees choose to support may be broader than the focus areas of the Foundation, community support has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of our company’s culture. We invite you to read our Annual Report to learn more about how we are serving our communities.

Contact Us

The Clorox Company Foundation
c/o East Bay Community Foundation
DeDomenico Building
200 Frank Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: 510-836-3223