Grant Guidelines

Foundation Priority Areas

Clorox’s philanthropic cash grants are primarily funded through The Clorox Company Foundation:

  • The Clorox Company Foundation provides grants primarily in its headquarters community of Oakland, California.
  • Through the Community Development Program, many Clorox remote offices and manufacturing plants outside of Oakland, California, also operate small giving programs in their local communities. These programs are administered independently and generally serve nonprofit organizations within a 3- to 5-mile radius of these facilities. To learn more about our CDP, please email

Contributions for our foundation giving programs, including CDP, currently are concentrated around our signature theme of health security. Our community wellness focus areas are outlined below. At this time, qualifying organizations must be invited to apply for a foundation grant. If your organization falls out of our giving scope, we invite you to explore ways to engage with the company through employee giving and volunteerism. More information can be found here.

Community Wellness

Racial Justice

The foundation will support organizations that are working at the community level to address social determinants of health and racial justice issues.

For more information about Oakland based grants please email To learn more about the invitation process, please click here.

Youth Development and Education

We prioritize organizations and programs that practice strengths-based, intersectional youth development rooted in the inherent potential of young people. The category will also include our literacy and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education grants. Programs should provide differentiated and personalized interventions for young people that address persistent barriers to opportunity and are responsive to unique challenges faced by young people in their local communities. Our education grants will focus on decreasing the achievement gaps in literacy and STEM for capable young people who deserve to learn, but who face multiple obstacles.

For more information about Oakland-based grants, please email To learn more about the invitation process, please click here.


The foundation will support organizations that address the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. The U.N. SDGs are designed to be “a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.” Our grants will center around goals 11–15, with a focus on solving environmental issues that disproportionately impact urban areas and communities of color.

For more information about Oakland-based grants please email To learn more about the invitation process, please click here.

Disease Prevention

The Foundation will support organizations that: 1) Educate and/or provide supplies to people/healthcare facilities; or 2) Conduct research regarding infection control, regarding preventing the spread of germs/disease in a post-pandemic life. To learn more about the invitation process, please click here.

Disaster Relief and Preparedness

The Clorox Company and its foundation are proud longtime supporters of the American Red Cross and members of the organization’s Annual Disaster Giving Program. Through this 40-year partnership, we focus on emergency preparedness as well as response and recovery locally and nationally. To read more about our partnership, click here.

For more information, visit our FAQs.