Grant Applications

The Clorox Company Foundation has an invitation-only application process and does not accept unsolicited proposals. Invitations will be sent to organizations that we have identified that align with our company values and funding priorities.

If your organization did not receive an invitation and you would like to be considered:

For organizations that have not received funding within the last five years:

If your organization has not received support from Clorox within the past five years, you meet current eligibility requirements and you would like to inquire about an invitation, please email, no concept paper required at the time of inquiry.

Organizations that have never received a grant from our foundation or it has been more than five years:

To initiate the process for funding consideration if your organization has never received a grant from Clorox or it has been more than five years since receiving support,  please submit a concept paper to Your concept paper should include the following information:

  • Grant focus area
  • Brief program overview, including how long your organization has been offering this program
  • Outcomes to date
  • Objectives
  • Age range served
  • Community partners

Concept papers should not exceed two pages.

After a concept paper has been received, it is reviewed by a committee of the foundation who will conduct a thorough analysis. Within one month of your email submission, you will receive an email from us with follow-up questions and/or the status of your concept paper. If we decide to move forward, the next phase typically includes a conference call and a site visit for first-time grantees.

Final decisions are made during a biannual review.

Questions about invitations or concept papers, please contact:


Phone: 510-836-3223

Criteria for funding

Applicants must currently be in good standing with the IRS and in receipt of an IRS ruling confirming their classification as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit agency or be sponsored by a qualified fiscal agent. In addition, the proposal must meet the foundation’s geographic scope and address one of the focus areas listed above. The foundation uses the following criteria in selecting agencies for funding:

Clarity of purpose

Outcomes related to measurable performance (i.e., improved grades, test scores, graduation rates, increased audiences in underserved communities)

  • Strategies that will achieve the stated outcomes
  • Sound fiscal and management practices
  • Diversity of board, staff, clients, audience, etc.
  • Involvement of board of directors
  • Demonstrated collaborative relationships
  • Fundraising capacity
  • Nondiscrimination policies and practices

Ineligible for funding

In general, the foundation does not fund the following:

  • Individual school projects
  • Programs that support individual schools
  • Fundraising events, benefits or raffles
  • Athletic programs or league sponsorships
  • Field trips, tours and travel expenses
  • Advertising or promotional sponsorships
  • Conferences, conventions, meetings, etc.
  • Media productions (TV, radio or film projects)
  • Projects of a national scope
  • Direct assistance to individuals or individual sponsorships
  • Religious-based activities for the purpose of furthering religious doctrine
  • Political parties, organizations, candidates or activities
  • Exclusive membership organizations and associations or membership dues
  • Capital projects
  • Organizations that discriminate based on age, ethnicity, ancestry, gender identity, national origin, disability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background or any other status prohibited by applicable law
  • Nonprofits on the Southern Poverty Law Center list
  • Organizations that represent a conflict of interest with The Clorox Company’s business interests or its reputation or its relationship with others

For more information, visit our FAQs.