Our Political Involvement

Our commitment to corporate responsibility guides everything we do, including our work to help develop public policy and legislation that supports our business priorities. We believe in supporting responsible policy through limited and strategic contributions, without favoring specific political parties. All contributions to advance public policy are aligned with our corporate purpose, mission and objectives.

Advocacy and Lobbying Activity

Clorox’s Government Affairs team leads our participation in the public policymaking process at the national, state and local levels as well as internationally. Reporting to the chief legal officer and working with the business units, Government Affairs focuses on public policy issues that affect our business goals and objectives. It also leads company actions on public policy matters through industry associations and coalitions. In addition, the Nominating, Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee of our board reviews our political contributions at least annually and ensures that all political giving is aligned with our corporate strategic goals.

We comply with all applicable laws that require reporting on lobbying and related activities. In 2022, Clorox spent $50,000 in lobbying expenditures at the U.S. federal level and $197,400 at the U.S. state level, for a total of $247,400. Information on our lobbying expenditures may be found below. (In some instances, this requires searching by “Clorox.”) We will provide updates to this information at least semi-annually.

CY 2022 lobbying detail:

We conduct most of our advocacy indirectly through industry trade associations based on the company’s businesses. We do not make or coordinate any contributions to other tax-exempt organizations, such as 501(c)(4)s, that the recipient may use for political purposes.

Information on payments to trade associations, which may be used for potential political purposes, may be found here.1

Political Contributions in the US

Clorox makes limited direct political contributions to U.S. state and local candidates. Individual corporate contributions to candidates are periodically reviewed by senior management.

Clorox occasionally participates in the political process by providing financial support to state or local ballot initiatives relating to specific issues that have a direct impact on our businesses; such contributions are approved by the CEO, chief legal officer, or other members of senior management as appropriate.

As with every other aspect of our political involvement, Clorox’s participation is guided by our corporate values and is fully reported in accordance with applicable laws. Our political spending seeks to promote the interests of the company in ensuring good government and policy, and never the private political preferences of our employees, officers, or directors. Information on our support of political candidates may be found below in the archived spending reports. Clorox will provide updates to this information at least semi-annually.

Clorox’s policy is not to use corporate funds to support super PACs or 527 organizations, nor to use corporate funds to support independent political expenditures to influence elections or make contributions to trade associations for that purpose. Clorox does not make political contributions outside the United States. Clorox also maintains an internal policy to help ensure that the company and its employees adhere to our political involvement guidelines.

Independent Employee Political Participation

Clorox does not control, direct or influence any employee’s political activities or affiliations. Employees engaging in personal political activity must do so as private citizens, not during paid work hours, and without using company resources for political purposes. Employees who wish to participate in political activities on behalf of Clorox must obtain prior approval from Government Affairs. This includes taking positions on proposed legislation on behalf of Clorox.

Eligible employees who wish to make voluntary political contributions to a federal campaign may do so through the federally regulated Clorox Employees’ Political Action Committee (ClorPAC).

AClorPAC activity is available on the Federal Elections Commission website, and a summary of 2022 ClorPAC contributions may be found here.

1. Information on trade association expenditures will be updated periodically.