Burt’s Bees: Documenting progress against our sustainability pillars

By Paula Alexander, Director of Sustainability – Burt’s Bees

In 2022, Burt’s Bees ranked No. 6 among 200 companies in the Power Purpose Index, a slot in the top 20 that Burt’s Bees shares with Clorox. The index recognizes brands with commitments to a purpose beyond profit, to improving lives, and to creating a better society and world, not just for shareholders. It’s these attributes along with our brand’s authenticity, innovation focus, and entrepreneurial spirit that come to life in our 2022 Progress Report.

Like other businesses, Burt’s Bees has seen unprecedented challenges in supply chain and other areas during the past three years. These challenges have pushed the brand to evolve while remaining committed to craft a more beautiful world since 1984 — by nature, for nature, for all.

Progress against strategic sustainability pillars

With a sustainability mindset for The Greater Good that pervades our team, the brand has continued to make progress in our two strategic pillars: Full-Circle Future and Resilient Communities and in our bedrock practices — those immutable elements of “what we make, how we operate and how we give back.”

The report includes achievements from the past two years and how they contribute to the brand’s long-term sustainability leadership. Progress against goals such as 13% reduction in virgin packaging materials (plastic and fiber)* and 83% of packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable or designed for recycling** are milestones that ensure Burt’s Bees is contributing to the Clorox ESG goals. From sustainable packaging projects that reduce carbon footprint and help prevent waste to initiatives that uplift communities from which Burt’s Bees sources and that we call home, Burt’s Bees is making an impact that goes beyond just numbers.

SheKeeper Launch for Women Working in Shea

For example, we launched SheKeeper, a three-year, $2 million partnership with the potential to improve the livelihoods of more than 16 million women working in shea through the introduction of beekeeping and expansion of sustainable shea processing capabilities in Ghana. Burt’s Bees didn’t just stop there with good work in our supply chains but also deeply embedded the work as part of the idea behind our new Shea collection that elevates our decade-long partnership with women of shea to help promote economic independence for generations to come. This is truly sustainable innovation.

One of the “OG” Purpose Brands

As one of the “OG” purpose-driven brands, we’ve been on this journey since 1984 and will keep raising the bar. With the ongoing partnership of stakeholders like our team, suppliers, retailers and community, we’ll continue to innovate in sustainability to keep our brand fans loyal and to invite new households in, even after almost 40 years.

*Based on calendar years 2019-22.

**Data is calculated using the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s recyclability assessment tool and Recycling Rate Survey, and the Association of Plastic Recyclers Design Guide for Plastics Recyclability. Rate is based on data from calendar years 2019-22.