Where Are Clorox Disinfecting Products?

We remain laser-focused on meeting unprecedented demand for our disinfecting products, and we’re encouraged by some of the progress we’ve already made. People should be able to find Clorox regular (disinfecting) bleach back on their store shelves now. And our Pine-Sol original multisurface cleaner received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for kill claims against the virus that causes COVID-19, giving consumers another option for disinfecting.

We continue to produce and ship record numbers of disinfecting wipes. We’re still shipping nearly 1 million packages of Clorox wipes to stores every day. As soon as they’re on shelf, people scoop them up. This is not surprising given the continued worsening trends of COVID-19.

As a health and wellness company providing disinfecting products to support public health around the world, we take very seriously the role we play during this pandemic. That’s why we continue to push as hard as we can to expand production and still expect continued improvement through summer of next year. We’re running our manufacturing facilities 24/7 and have added more than 10 new external manufacturers since January to help maximize product output. We’re also focusing on products that can be made faster and on efforts to expedite products to retailers.

We’re continuing to leave no stone unturned in our response to this ongoing, elevated demand.