Environmental stewardship is a business imperative. Environmental sustainability is embedded in our corporate strategy and the way we work. We are committed to doing our part to conserve and protect our planet now and for future generations.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

The Clorox Company believes that rising GHG emissions have a significant impact on climate change and the environment. Clorox supports Congressional action on comprehensive national climate change legislation aimed at reducing aggregate emissions of greenhouse gas over time without causing undue hardships for the U.S. economy.

Clorox is also committed to doing its part to help address this issue. We report our greenhouse gas emissions, have set a public GHG reduction goal, and are working to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our global manufacturing and distribution operations.

We have also committed to reduce — and improve the sustainability of — materials used in our products and packages. By 2020, our goal is to make sustainability improvements to more than 50 percent of our product portfolio. To do this, Clorox views each of our businesses, at each stage of their product life cycle, through an environmental sustainability lens to better understand their GHG and overall environmental impact and to identify opportunities to reduce this impact.

We have also embedded GHG and general environmental considerations into our corporate decision and planning processes, starting with product and packaging design and development.

Clorox's Board of Directors' Nominating and Governance Committee is responsible for oversight of environmental health and safety compliance at the company, including climate change. Additionally, GHG reduction is a part of Clorox's 2020 Strategy and the responsibility of the Clorox Executive Committee, which oversees the execution of our strategy.

Clorox also has an explicit, articulated Environmental Sustainability-Strategy and dedicated corporate-level Eco Team led by a director of Environmental Sustainability who is charged with executing that strategy. This further ensures that Clorox will be able to drive GHG reductions and sustainability improvement throughout the organization and over time.

Benno Dorer