A lot changes in 100 years. But one thing has been in our DNA since Day 1: We make everyday life better, every day.

100 Years, 1000 Reasons

Bringing the cleaning and disinfecting power of bleach to the world. Helping out in wartime and natural disasters. Investing time and energy in our communities. And bringing hundreds of products to life that make everyday life better, every day — there are literally thousands of ways The Clorox Company has earned the trust and respect of people everywhere since we opened our doors in 1913.

We've showcased some of our historical milestones, both great and small, to help you see how our company — which celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2013 — continues to touch people every day.


Few companies survive a century, and fewer still have made siginficant contributions as ours.

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Use our bottle guide to find facts about Clorox® bottles through the years.

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Learn more and share your memories about Clorox history in this online community, completely dedicated to our heritage.

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