Hero: Ingredients Inside

Ingredients Inside & Smart Label Programs: United States

More than a decade ago, we became the first consumer packaged goods company to voluntarily disclose ingredients in our U.S. and Canadian retail and professional cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products. As consumer demand for ingredient transparency grew, we helped to develop an industry-wide labeling tool, giving you a way to easily access detailed information on a wide range of food, beverage, supplement, household, pet care, personal care and over-the-counter U.S. retail products in a single place, using a consistent digital format. SmartLabel launched in 2016, and today it’s a one-stop shop for information on ingredients and more for about 80,000 products, including over 1,000 brands from more than 60 different companies. Ingredient listings for more than 500 of our products sold in the U.S. can now be found on SmartLabel. Whether you’re in the store, at home or at work, SmartLabel is easily accessible through any of the following options:
  • Scan the UPC barcode of your product with the SmartLabel app to automatically launch the product’s SmartLabel page on your device. (Download the SmartLabel app from the app store on your mobile device.)
  • Click on a logo below to access product listings for that brand on SmartLabel.
  • Go directly to the SmartLabel website then select the brand from the pulldown menus. You can also type in the product name to search for it.
For questions, refer to the contact information on the product label or the SmartLabel product page. Information on the date of manufacture of a designated product may be obtained by calling 800-227-1860. Ingredient listings for our Canadian products continue to be available on this site; click on the Canada tab above to access listings of your favorite products.