Stories from our people: Nathan Tsuizaki in Sales

Get to know Nathan Tsuizaki, director of sales for CloroxPro, who has seen many sides of the business during his more than 20-year tenure. 

“I’ve worked with different functions in all parts of our teams, and they were all driving toward the same goal of making sure that we were giving consumers and end users a product they loved,” says Nathan. 

“When I was an analyst on our Food business, I realized just how loved a lot of our brands were,” he adds. “I started to see our sales data and hear from consumers about how much they loved our products. If nine out of 10 households have Clorox products in them, there’s got to be something that’s meaningful and important about this place.” 

Nathan has been one of the many Clorox team members to build a varied career path here. “I look back and think about the growth opportunities I’ve had, and because we have so many different brands and business units and the opportunities to work within and across different functions, it stretches you in different ways,” he says. “Whether you’re someone based in the field or in our corporate offices, there’s a lot of opportunity to move through the organization.” 

The next phase of Nathan’s career — and of Clorox — will be shaped by driving growth and innovation. “We have to act in innovative ways to maintain our standing in this business environment. If we don’t, we’ll be left behind, particularly with how fast technology is changing,” he says. “I love that we’re placing bets in the right places, and making investments in tools that will enable us to work more efficiently and more effectively to make sure that we stay ahead of the pack.”