Stories from our people: Mandy Diminich in Finance

Get to know Mandy Diminich, the finance director for Glad and Brita who’s been part of the team here for seven years. She recognized from the start that Clorox offered more than just a single role — it offered opportunity and variety. 

“I think that there’s a ton of room to grow your career at Clorox,” says Mandy. “People here are going to be in your corner to help you in a lot of different ways, on both traditional and non-traditional paths.  I think that’s a really fun way to do things.” 

Within her role, Mandy can bring her financial perspective to different business issues while also working with other functions and gaining insight into various parts of the business. “Clorox offered some of the things that really were important to me,” she says. “It offered career mobility and the chance to use my finance skills in transferrable ways across different businesses and roles, which has always been something that’s really appealing to me.” 

That experience has helped her take a more holistic approach to her work. “With innovation, we’re not thinking about it just from a financial lens, which is my job,” Mandy says. “We’re spending a lot of time thinking about the consumer and what it’s going to mean to them. It makes things real.” 

Her journey at Clorox has made her not just a finance director but also a cheerleader. “If you’re considering a role with Clorox, I would say do it!” Mandy says. “It’s a chance to feel a lot of pride when you can see your work appear on the store shelves.  But it’s also a chance to have personal fulfillment, to grow your career, and really have a great chance at success.”