Our Moment Is Now

Linda Rendle Clorox CEO

This is such a dynamic time to become CEO of The Clorox Company. It is the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime. After 17 years with Clorox, it is an honor to take over from the great stewardship that Benno Dorer provided and the legacy of great CEOs throughout our company’s rich 107-year heritage.

Given these unprecedented times, we are focused on doing everything we can to help more people around the world with our brands while having positive impacts on our communities. We know that our continued commitment to putting people at the center of everything we do will help us accelerate the long-term, profitable growth of the company.

While there is a lot of uncertainty out there, I have certainty about our people and the role our products continue to play in helping us through this health crisis and beyond it. As the world changes around us, Clorox will be a steady force that all stakeholders can rely on.

In this time, we know people are counting on all of our products, particularly our disinfectants. My number one priority this year is to get more of our disinfecting products to people: in their homes; when they leave the home as the economy re-opens; and, of course, into healthcare facilities to the people most in need. We want everyone to have confidence that they can be safe wherever they are. As a health & wellness company, we take this responsibility very seriously.

Our IGNITE strategy continues to help us navigate through COVID and will set us up for success in the future. We have three priorities moving forward:

1. Maximizing supply of our disinfecting products to ensure that all people have access to our products. We don’t know what turns this pandemic will take and what lies in the distance, but we have a singular focus on applying all resources necessary to bring our products to people and communities. And I have confidence that every need we meet now with our supply, and every consumer that comes into the fold, will translate to growth in the future.

2. Living our purpose by being values-driven and putting people at center of everything we do. This starts with staying vigilant about the safety and well-being of our team. We will continue to foster an inclusive culture with truly empowered employees, where everyone is equally important, every diverse voice is heard, and ideas and innovation are the great equalizer. My fundamental belief is that collectively, our purpose and our people will make us a stronger, more resilient company.

3. Accelerating our impact in the world as a company. We will be on “100% offense” to make that happen. We recognize the magnitude of the moment and will leverage our brands and corporate resources to help people adjust to the rapidly changing and challenged world around them. We will continue to build our brands to serve more people in more places, building relationships and long-term loyalty. We do this by employing superior human insights to innovate great experiences for people. And our ESG priorities will guide how we show up for people and society.

I step into this role with great optimism for the future of our global portfolio of trusted brands. I have immense confidence in our leadership team and the talented, passionate people around the world. We will succeed together.