Evolving From Product to Consumer Experience Company

Doug Milliken, vice president – Digital Consumer Experience at Clorox, recently sat down with Mark Fidelman for an installment of the Oracle CX Factor web series.

Watch this 9-minute video to learn how Clorox’s “consumer first” approach is helping Clorox brands interact with consumers on a personal level, extending the product experience to new, digital interactions that help develop deeper brand trust and loyalty.

Doug Milliken joins Mark Fidelman for an episode of the Oracle CX Factor web series.

In this episode, Doug discusses Clorox’s consumer experience strategy, the metrics Clorox tracks, why it’s essential to forge a close partnership with your company’s IT function and what nascent technologies he finds most compelling. (Spoiler: Artificial Intelligence tops the list.)

“We aren’t, in a way, just a product company anymore,” Doug states near the end of the video. “We can create a (digital) experience that extends the product experience to information, to entertainment, to actual delivery of a functional need that you have. And meeting those needs – any of those needs, or all of those needs … is how we convert somebody from an average to a loyal consumer.”

Watch the Oracle CX Factor episode featuring Doug Milliken of The Clorox Company.

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