EPA Names Clorox Partner of the Year

Clorox is an Environmental Protection Agency Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award winner for a second year running.

The EPA Safer Choice program helps consumers and commercial buyers identify products that have safer ingredients while still maintaining quality and performance. We’ve been actively involved in Safer Choice and its predecessor program, Design for the Environment, since we launched our Green Works® line of naturally derived cleaning products in 2007.

In a video message to be shown this week at the EPA awards ceremony in Washington, D.C., the “Mother of Green Works” herself, our own Maria Ochomogo, tells the story of how we developed these naturally derived cleaning products.

Clorox scientist Maria Ochomogo (left) and Chief Innovation Officer Denise Garner discuss the EPA’s Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award and the story of Green Works cleaners.

A research fellow based in Pleasanton, California, and 25-year veteran of the company, Maria holds about 50 patents. One of those is for the emulsion used in Green Works cleaners that enhances the fragrance and cleaning power of lemon oil.

This video includes an introduction and closing from our chief innovation officer, Denise Garner, who acknowledges the role that innovative thinking has played throughout the company’s history. Watch it here.