Clorox Mexico Recognized for Environmental Leadership

By: Cecilia Mota

The Clorox manufacturing plant in Tlalnepantla, México, proves that environmental leadership requires more than just complying with local regulations.

Proud of its continuous improvement processes, the plant joined a voluntary program called “Clean Industry,” which is managed by Mexico’s Environmental Authority (PROFEPA).

This program verifies compliance and validates best practices in environmental risk mitigation. A facility can only achieve Clean Industry certification after a rigorous audit.

Certified companies are recognized as local stewards of the environment and good neighbors.

New solar water heaters at the Clorox mexico plant contribute to energy savings.

Some examples of green practices in Tlalnepantla:

  • Energy savings: Upgraded air conditioning, compressors and lighting that incorporate newer technology and use less energy. A new solar water heating system provides a 5 percent energy savings.
  • Waste reduction: After significant efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, we can proudly say that no waste currently goes to landfill. Organic waste is composted and the small amount of trash that cannot be recycled is fed into cement kilns as a green combustible. Clorox Mexico is on its way to being certified as a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill site.
  • Environmental culture: We drive passion for environmental protection through training and awareness activities such as dumpster dives. We participate in community events such as an environmental fair where Clorox employees planted trees with their families and neighbors. We also installed a green roof over our car park area.

A living roof at the Clorox plant in Mexico.

Proud of our achievements

The combination of effective compliance programs and sustainability practices earned Clean Industry certification for the Clorox Mexico plant. This is the highest environmental recognition granted by PROFEPA. This achievement is also reflected in our environmental indicators and sustained compliance.

We at Clorox Mexico are very proud of this certification and will continue to drive environmental awareness to put environmental excellence in action.

Clorox Mexico employees helped plant trees along with their friends and neighbors.