Clorox creates touchless, efficient disinfection solution for small businesses

With a century-long legacy in health and wellness, Clorox is known for meeting people’s cleaning needs at home and at large businesses.

Sandwiched between these two kinds of space are the millions of small businesses and individuals in need of an efficient, touchless disinfecting solution. With this in mind, we developed the Clorox® Turbo™ power sprayer to help provide long-term solutions for people looking to maintain their spaces with the ease of a no-wipe sprayer.

This ergonomically designed device combines powerful spraying technology with trusted Clorox solutions to provide efficient, touchless disinfection at establishments such as gyms, salons, restaurants and more.

“Having a clean and disinfected small business is an important part of following public health protocols, but the daily cleaning of surfaces can be daunting for an individual opening or closing up shop,” said Tad Kittredge, vice president – Cleaning Marketing & Strategy. “We want to provide businesses with the tools they need to accomplish the task to the best of their ability and be a part of a holistic germ-prevention strategy that’s become crucial to their reopening.”

At Clorox, we believe in purpose-driven innovation to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, including rising consumer expectations. And now, more than ever, small business owners are looking for reasonable solutions to create clean environments their customers can enter comfortably and confidently.

The Clorox Turbo power sprayer aims to address these needs while creating an easy experience that means less time on cleaning, more time on running a small business.

This product officially launched May 2021. To learn more about this product, visit