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Safety data sheets

Safety data sheets

SDS are designed to provide guidance for safe handling of products to workplace employees, emergency personnel and for other scenarios where there is greater potential for prolonged or high-level exposure, in accordance with the requirements of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Consumer use guidance, directions for use, precautionary text and first aid guidance can be found on the product label in accordance with applicable government regulations. For more product information, please visit
Note to consumers: If you’re a consumer looking for information on ingredients in our products, please visit SmartLabel and Ingredients Inside. Consumers accessing our SDS information should note that the information is presented to address handling of our products in occupational environments in accordance with country and region specific regulatory requirements under the Global Harmonization System of Classification and Labeling of chemicals and mixtures. These SDS are not applicable to consumer use of our products. We thoroughly evaluate the safety aspects of all of our consumer products prior to their use in the home and provide all necessary, appropriate and applicable safety information (including use precautions, health effects and first aid procedures) on product labels.
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