Stories from our people: Yating Wong in Marketing

Yating Wong is the senior director of marketing for our Cleaning business — which means she’s part of what makes Clorox products your housekeeping go-tos.   

“It’s incredibly fun to think about different consumer problems,” says Yating, “and to think about what we can do to help make cleaning less of a chore and more delightful.”   

Having spent 11 years with Clorox, Yating has been with the company through lots of evolution. “Each year has brought a lot of interesting challenges and exciting opportunities. It’s what kept me here. We might be a medium-sized CPG, but we play big in the categories that we operate in.”   

Clorox has also seen her through personal changes. “When I started here, I was single, then engaged, then married,” Yating says. “I’m now the mother of two boys, a 6-year-old and a 4-year-old, and my oldest is medically complex. He was born with a really rare tumor, and it’s been a journey in terms of how we navigate his medical care alongside our family and work demands.  

“One of the things that I’ve so appreciated in my years at Clorox is I’ve been able to be really ambitious at home as the parent that I want to be, and really ambitious in the workplace,” she continues. “There have definitely been times where I’ve had to lean in more at home, and there have been other times where I’ve intentionally made that choice to lean in more at work, and I’ve been supported throughout.”  

For Yating, as for so many others, it’s the people who make this place special. “I think we’re all optimistic,” she says. “We’re dreamers, and change agents — trying to define the difference that we can make for consumers and for our businesses, and how we can make it happen. Rather than waiting for something to happen to us, we take the reins. And that’s an organization that’s incredibly fun to be a part of.”