Stories from our people: John Cogswell in Communications

When he first began as an intern at Clorox in 2012, John Cogswell had no idea it would be the start of a journey that would have him return for two more summers and launch him on a rewarding career path.  

Now a manager on the corporate communications team, John admits to not knowing much about the field at the start. “It was a brand new experience for me,” he says. “I’m so grateful that Clorox gave me the opportunity to learn, be successful and grow. I felt so supported throughout that internship that I realized I could really see myself building a career with this company.” 

After graduating from college and gaining some additional experience, he found his way back to Clorox. “I will never forget the day that I got the call offering me the position,” he says. “I had learned so much and was so ready and eager to jump back in and be part of this company again and continue laying a strong professional foundation.” 

Today, John is helping our teams navigate more than just communications. “I get to work cross-functionally with different teammates and different functions to help deliver our digital transformation,” he says. “It means new tools for the organization in terms of how we work and new behaviors around how we engage with each other and how we deliver against our priorities as a company.”  

He considers this project one of the most exciting of his career — so far. “The impact in terms of how it’s going to help our company reimagine how we work in the future and how we deliver value is going to be huge,” John says. “So it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of that transformation.”