Stories from our people: Donn Lato in Enterprise Data & Tech

Get to know Donn Lato, a manager on the Enterprise Data and Technology team. He’s been working to make our companywide digital transformation come to life.

“I’m happy to be part of the team that’s really ideating and building this effort,” Donn says. “We’re here to find new technologies and industry-leading solutions, see what’s going to work best for Clorox, and then bring them to bear. It’s going to change how all of us work — hopefully in a more meaningful way, a more efficient and effective way, allowing us to bring innovations to market faster and get us even closer to our customers and consumers.”

Donn has come a long way for this role — a very long way. “I initially was a contractor back in 2010, and it was a great experience coming here directly from the Philippines and seeing Clorox values firsthand,” he says.

Those strong values made the decision to join Clorox full time in 2019 an easy one. “When me and my husband were ready to start our family, I knew Clorox was where I wanted to be,” says Donn. “It allows me to bring my full and authentic self to the workplace, which is very new to me. Not in a way where it’s just respected, but it’s celebrated — that’s made me love the company.

“I have twin toddlers now, and there’s a lot of home responsibilities that come with that, and Clorox allows me to both ensure I get to take care of home and still be challenged and measured against the outcomes I bring through my work.”