Progress Not Perfection

You know the feeling. You work really hard on something and think it’s pretty good and then someone comes along with constructive feedback. It can sting a little. And that’s exactly what happened when we first read Lonnie Shekhtman’s Nov. 12 piece on TriplePundit about this blog.

We quickly got past our initial reaction, however, and began to focus on the “constructive” part of the feedback and found some real value there.  More authors (ta da!), bigger-picture thinking, thought leadership, insight into our inner workings, compelling images and improved SEO – these are all good suggestions that make a lot of sense to us. 

When I spoke to Simone about the comments in the article, I shared with her a phrase one of my former managers used to say to me: “Progress not perfection.” And I think that fairly sums up Ms. Shekhtman’s comments.

We’ve dipped a toe (now two, actually) in the blogging waters.

Our hope is to generate dialog and learn from our stakeholders while we increase their knowledge of our commitments and progress. We’re taking to heart the feedback we’ve received, and we’ll make progress over time. Perfection, though, that’s not something I can guarantee.