Now You #SeeHer

Stacey Grier

Clorox has a special place in the marketing world.

Each year, we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, with more than half our budgets going to digital. We strive to set the pace and lead the trends, anticipating where the industry is moving and trying to get there first.

Female shoppers dominate many of our categories. And as the first female Chief Marketing Officer in our 107-year history, Stacey Grier is hyper aware that how we connect with women matters.

“We have an important role in society. We have a strong voice and speak with so many, many women each and every day, it’s important that we show them realistically,” Stacey said. “We have an obligation as marketers to portray women as strong, particularly in categories where they may not have been shown that way in the past.”

That’s why Clorox is an active member of #SeeHer, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) initiative to improve the depiction of women in media. It’s been shown that the accurate portrayal of women is both good business and the right thing to do.

Here are some of the ways we’ve supported #SeeHer over the past six months:

  • All our brands with video creative have tested that creative against a metric called the GEM Score, which identifies Gender Bias. A strong GEM scores correlate with strong sales, and our video has scored well so far. In the future, we’ll apply GEM to all our creative testing to ensure we continue to meet our own high standards as it pertains to gender bias.
  • We hosted two half-day boot camps for senior marketers across the company to better understand the underlying issue of gender bias and what we can do as marketers to improve how we portray women. Every participant made a personal commitment to enact change on his or her teams and in our processes to push the #SeeHer agenda forward.
  • We are active participants in Free the Bid and are currently above the industry average in the percentage of women in production roles on our creative projects. We are committed to push that number even higher.
  • Our RenewLife brand is sponsoring the first 21 episodes of a weekly digital video series, #SeeHer Story. This collaboration between PEOPLE and Couric Media features short digital vignettes of female trailblazers and rule breakers from the past 100 years to present day.

“Women have played a vital role in the growth of The Clorox Company for over 100 years,” Stacey noted. “It was Annie Murray, partner to one of our original investors, who had the brilliant idea to market Clorox liquid bleach for home use and change the trajectory of the company. 

Annie Murray at the Clorox General Offices in Oakland, 1930s.

“Today, we continue to celebrate the many dimensions and contributions of women both within our company and as we represent them in our marketing work. We’re very proud to be a member of #SeeHer, a group dedicated to the accurately portraying women and girls in media so that they see themselves reflected as they truly are.” 

Stacey Grier is the first woman CMO in Clorox’s 107-year history. A longtime supporter of female leaders, Stacey is executive sponsor of SHOW, our employee resource group for women. SHOW provides interested employees with leadership development, networking events and a popular mentoring program. As CMO, Stacey has led Clorox marketing to be more human-centric.

At Clorox, we are committed to advancing gender diversity and equality. This is reflected in our new IGNITE goals to ensure gender and ethnic pay equity, achieve our gender and ethnic minority representation targets, and achieve our inclusion index* targets

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