#MyCloroxSummer: A Bold Experience

By Aurabel Sandoc, IT intern

The Clorox Company isn’t a traditional tech company.

Lucky for me, I didn’t want a “traditional” summer internship – I wanted a bold experience.

As an IT intern working in process, I spent the summer focusing on more than 20 IT processes across the company, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. My main project involved creating two dashboards in Excel to audit all IT processes moving forward.

A group of Clorox IT summer interns (Aurabel is third from the right)

Before coming to Clorox, I didn’t know what a dashboard was. I hadn’t even used Excel! Fortunately, Clorox encourages everyone, including interns, to be bold and take smart risks.

With guidance from my manager, Leena, I learned quickly and did a lot of my own research to create the dashboards in just nine weeks. It was amazing to see my work all come together – I started with nothing and finished with a tool that will benefit the whole IT department.

Clorox interns in the Bay Area kicked off their summer with a San Francisco Giants game.

During my time at Clorox, I learned so much from my mentors, managers, fellow interns and even Chairman and CEO Benno Dorer. On the second day of our intern kick-off orientation event, we met Benno and got to ask him any questions we had. As summer interns meeting with the CEO, we felt like we really mattered to the company and were empowered to make an impact.   

Aurabel and other interns enjoyed weekly lunches with Clorox mentors.

Coming into this internship, I was anxious about not being prepared or not doing well. However, I quickly learned that in order to grow, we must challenge ourselves, step outside our boundaries and be bold. A core Clorox value is “Work Together to Win,” and I learned that I had many people beside me who wanted to help me succeed.

At the end of the internship, my fellow interns and I presented our individual and group projects to the IT directors and executives from various Clorox locations. Our group project is now being put into practice, and it’s exciting to know I made a bold impact at Clorox.

Aurabel and her fellow IT interns present their final projects to company leaders.

Over the course of nine weeks with Clorox, I discovered a company that’s fun, inclusive and welcoming, and which will challenge you in the best ways to help you grow.

I learned so much during my short time with the company, and I will always be grateful for all the people who made #MyCloroxSummer an unforgettable one.

Clorox summer interns have fun at their farewell event.