New HVR campaign taking flavor seriously  

By CC Ciafone, Director of Marketing  

Hidden Valley Ranch is serious about one thing: flavor. As the Original Ranch and America’s No. 1 Ranch*, Hidden Valley is committed to making the best-tasting product for our legions of consumers. It’s this focus on flavor that inspired our new creative platform that launched in late October.   

“Only Serious About Flavor” is built from the belief that in a world where many unserious things are taken way too seriously, Hidden Valley Ranch remains serious about our ranch flavor and nothing else. Not holistic wellness trends, not social media follower counts, not super-limited hyped drops of overpriced T-shirts. Flavor. Only flavor. If it’s not the seriously versatile, creamy, zesty flavor of Hidden Valley Ranch, we’re taking it less seriously. 

The new campaign brings with it a distinctive look and feel aimed at the Gen Z consumer with language and visual design that’s bold and playful yet purposeful. “Only Serious About Flavor” delivers a modern and vibrant feel while leaning into elements that are uniquely ownable to the HVR equity — the distinctive blue and green palette, iconic bottle shape (because who doesn’t know it’s HVR when they see that?!) and craveable food moments made possible by HVR.   

“Only Serious About Flavor” was developed in partnership with our ad agency, FCB, and features five TV spots and videos, six social spots bespoke to TikTok and Meta, print advertising, out of home such as billboards and ads in bars and on trains, and more, all driving home the serious flavor of Hidden Valley Ranch.     

* Based on IRI unit sales data for L52WE Aug. 20, 2023