Get Your Helper’s High on With #GladtoGive

The Glad® brand is making it easy to lighten your load for a good cause with the launch of its Glad to Give program.

GladtoGive giving makes you happy

Inspired by people using Glad® ForceFlex® bags for charitable donations (because they could fill, stretch and stuff those bags with just about anything), the brand has partnered with Donation Town to provide free donation pick ups nationwide.

Here are several ways you can get involved today:

  • Request a special edition yellow bag created for donating at 
  • Share the #GladToGive anthem video to remind your friends about the value of giving
  • Fill a Glad bag with gently loved items and schedule a free pick up by your local charity of choice at
  • Share what you’re going to donate by using the hashtag #GladToGive

Science supports what most of us already know — giving makes us feel good. Giving has been linked to the release of oxycotin, a hormone that induces feelings of warmth, euphoria and connection to others. One study showed people who provide social support had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t provide support.  Scientists also believe altruistic behavior releases endorphins known as the “helper’s high.”

So go on, let #GladToGive help you achieve your helper’s high.