Fresh Step Brand Puts Cats on Glass

By Jessica Airey, assistant brand engagement manager

The Fresh Step brand is embracing the power of visual storytelling.

It started earlier this year, when we launched one of our biggest innovations of all time: Fresh Step® Clean Paws™, the first low-tracking litter. Made with a special blend of larger particles, this litter is designed to stay in the litter box and off your floors by sticking less to your cat’s fur and feet.

Tracking has been a top complaint about cat litters, so we’re thrilled to introduce a solution to this problem.  See how this litter lives up to its name in this ad for Fresh Step Clean Paws low-tracking litter.


Cats on Glass Gallery

The most exciting litter innovation ever deserves our most exciting marketing effort to date: Cats on Glass

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then the simple, stunning visual of this campaign — a cat standing on (clean) glass — is truly eloquent.

But we didn’t stop there. We wanted to lift Cats on Glass off the print page and give it life. This would help build even greater awareness of and excitement for our new litter.

Tapping into the rising trend of immersive, pop-up experiences like The Color Factory and Museum of Ice Cream, Fresh Step created an Instagram-worthy exhibit in New York City called the Cats On Glass Gallery. You can go inside the pop-up with this ABC-7 news segment on the Cats on Glass Gallery.

Our pop-up exhibit creatively celebrated feline elegance and playfulness. The gallery featured multiple, interactive rooms complete with colorful textures, inspiring art and (importantly) adoptable, adorable cats.

Visitors could unleash their inner kitten in the Pom-Pom play room.

In the Meowmaste meditation room, guests were invited to seek out “purrvana” by way of a guided meditation from a mindfulness guru set to a soundtrack of cat purrs and gentle wind chimes.

The main attraction was the Cats On Glass Playhouse. There, kitties frolicked overhead, showcasing their pristine (and litter-free) paws. The playhouse provided an excellent visual metaphor for Fresh Step Clean Paws benefits.

Cats on Glass Gallery

The gallery was an immediate hit. Each morning, hundreds of people lined up to get inside the five-day pop-up. By day two, reservations had maxed out.

The event itself generated tons of buzz, including thousands of Instagram posts with the #catsonglass hashtag. Fresh Step also held a Facebook Live event, hosted by cat advocate “Kitten Lady” Hannah Shaw and cat-lebrity influencer, Nala Cat, to reach folks unable to attend the pop-up in person.

Best of all, our partner for the event, the Humane Society of New York, has received more than 60 applications for cat adoptions as a result of the Cats on Glass pop-up experience. Attendees have expressed interest in all of the cats featured in the exhibit, and several are already in their new forever homes.

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