Everyone Has a Reason to Stay Safe. What’s Yours?

By Carla Mueller

We all have our reasons to stay safe.

Maybe it’s our families. Maybe it’s our coworkers. Maybe it’s finally to do that amazing thing on our bucket list.

Whatever it is, your reason for safety’s probably not a number or metric.  It’s personal, and it’s important to you. And therefore, it’s important to Clorox.

Guillermo Perez’s reason is to get home safe to his family every night. He works at our Kingsford plant in Springfield, Oregon.

And to celebrate our focus on safety every day, we’ve started the My Reason for Safety campaign (#MyReason). Clorox people around the world have begun to share locally and with the company at large their reasons for staying safe. This has been a terrific way to reinforce the importance of safety at work and home, and also to get to know coworkers in a more personal way.

The campaign is coming to life on our internal social network, where hundreds of employees have posted pictures and videos sharing their reasons for staying safe. Different locations are also creating local bulletin boards for folks to share their reasons.

Employees at our Atlanta Home Care plant created this image of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes canisters from photos showing their reasons to stay safe.

And safety isn’t just something we focus on in our manufacturing sites. We regularly stress the important of safety in our office locations, too, whether that’s proper ergonomics or not staring at phones as we move between meetings or taking the time to slow down.

At Clorox, we say that safety is a core value. That means we put safety above production metrics and cases sold. It means we put people first and celebrate all the different reasons each one of us has for staying safe.

The Atlanta Home Care team designed custom Clorox Disinfecting Wipes labels to promote #MyReason.