Clorox Seeks Scent Seekers

By Charles Mordy, director – Marketing, Cleaning Innovation

The sensorial consumer products trend is blowing up.

So-called “scent seekers” now represent roughly one-third of the U.S. population. They’re seeking scent in everything from dish soaps and laundry detergents to shampoos and lotions — even the air in a room.

Their passion to infuse their lives with scent has created whole new product categories, like laundry scent boosters.

Scratch-and-sniff print ads gives people the flavor of Scentiva products.

It’s not just a scent, it’s an experience

Consumers aren’t just looking for another scent like lemon or lavender. They want a different scent experience.

In part, technology is helping to fuel this passion. Thanks to long-lasting scent technologies in deodorants, shower gels and other products, scents can linger for hours or days rather than minutes. Scent boosters in air deodorizers give consumers control over the duration and intensity of a sensorial experience.

These are just some of the novel ways people are bringing scented products into their homes.

And the Cleaning space is no exception.

At Clorox, we’re hearing again and again from these scent seekers that they want new and unexpected scents in cleaning products. This change has come fast, and it’s undeniable.

So we created the Clorox® Scentiva™ line of cleaners with disinfecting wipes and sprays in two transporting scents, Tuscan Lavender & Jasmine and Hawaiian Sunshine™.

Scent seekers have told us these aromas are so alluring, they actually want to clean more with them, and in more places than they’ve used our wipes and sprays in the past.

That’s the power of scent.

Clorox Scentiva products are available in disinfecting wipe and spray forms

Powered by innovation

One thing that makes Clorox® Scentiva special is the lack of tradeoffs.

We worked with the best scent developers and perfumers in the industry to create truly delightful scents without any chemical undertones. And we’ve married those scents with the same Clorox cleaning and disinfecting performance people expect from us. (Scentiva cleaners kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses.)

These products offer twofold value because as much as scent seekers want transporting aromas, they also demand cleaning products that work.

The Scentiva platform is our biggest cleaning product launch in years. It’s a rare opportunity in this industry to be able to identify a consumer need and create a new category to fill that need.

We did that when we invented disinfecting wipes. We noticed the world was changing. More and more, people sought convenience as cleaning became more of an on-the-go activity and less of a weekly event in its own right.

We see a similar opportunity now with scent.

That’s why we’ve invested in this innovation and have launched it nationally. We want to make it easy for shoppers to discover these products.

And we will continue developing and making a variety of new scents as consumers seek variety.

We’re investing a lot in our overall support plan for the Scentiva line — look for promotions and scratch-and-sniff stickers on packaging at your local store.

We believe in this space, and we’re going after it.

Charles Mordy, director of marketing for Cleaning Innovation