Clorox Provides Bleach to Help Fight Chikungunya Virus in the Caribbean

By Omar Arbaje, Country Manager – Dominican Republic & Caribbean
Dominican Republic Clorox bleach donation

Clorox has donated 1.6 million sachets of Clorox® bleach in the Dominican Republic to help minimize the mosquito population.

​Earlier this year, the Dominican Republic declared an outbreak of the Chikungunya virus. The virus is spread by mosquitoes, similar to the Dengue virus, and since April, the Chikungunya virus has affected more than 190,000 Dominicans.

There is no vaccine to prevent Chikungunya virus, nor is there any medicine to treat it. The painful symptoms — high fever, strong joint pain, headaches, muscle pain, nausea, swelling and rash — must run their course in each infected person.

In May 2014, our Clorox Dominican Republic (DR) team developed an alliance with the country’s Ministry of Public Health to support its public-awareness campaign, Jornada contra el Chikun (National Journey Against Chikungunya), that aims to minimize the mosquito population and eradicate the virus. Clorox has already donated more than 1.6 million sachets of bleach and committed another 1.4 million sachets.

Bleach can be used to disinfect containers to help fight against the spread of viruses via mosquitoes.

Bleach can be used to disinfect water containers, particularly above the water line where mosquito larvae grow.

The program includes government employees going door to door to show residents how to control mosquito populations, with Clorox DR employees accompanying them in many locations. Among other tips, these ambassadors are urging residents to keep water containers covered and prevent standing water from collecting in outdoor furniture, toys, and other objects because standing water is what mosquitoes need to host and sustain their larvae. Another critical step is to use bleach to disinfect containers, particularly above the water line, where mosquito larvae live.

The push against Chikungunya virus is just a first step. In 2015, Clorox will participate in another government campaign to educate residents on home disinfection and children’s vaccinations, with the aim of helping to make everyday life better for those living in the Dominican Republic.