Campaign for a Cause: Brita’s Filter for the Future

Flint, Michigan, is not alone.

While it was the first city to receive national attention for its water crisis, it’s not the only American city struggling with water safety.

Contaminated water sources. Aging pipes. Faulty fixtures. These are just some of the water infrastructure problems our cities face, and with them elevated levels of lead and other pollutants.  

Still, there’s one place no one should ever have to worry about water safety: school.

A child enjoy clean water from a Brita hydration station.

When a school finds elevated lead in its drinking water, it immediately shuts off the fixture and takes it out of service. Bottled water is often the only water option available to students.

But what starts as a quick fix can become a longstanding dependency that brings a host of new problems. Providing bottled water long-term ends up costing school districts lots of money. It creates huge amounts of unnecessary plastic waste.

Plastic waste is a real and growing threat. People use 2,000 plastic water bottles every second. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Plastic water bottles fill a school garbage can.

The team here at Brita saw this grim future as a unique opportunity to help, and Filter for The Future was born.

From March 26 through June 16, we’re pledging $1 from the sale of any Brita® Longlast Filter, Pitcher, or Dispenser to help schools purchase Brita Hydration Stations so they can have clean, safe, sustainable drinking water. These water bottle fill-up stations remove lead and other contaminants and can be installed anywhere a traditional water fountain was located.

Then beginning August 1, we will open grant applications so anyone can apply to get a Brita Hydration Station installed in their local school.

Stephen Curry helped us kick off the campaign with a live satellite media tour, telling the public why he supports the Filter for the Future campaign and why it’s so important for kids. The Brita team also partnered with documentary-style videographer team Mic to produce a launch video that shows a Hydration Station in action in an Oakland Public School.

We’re so proud to shed light on the important issue of safe water in schools and to help people take a small step to make a huge difference in the lives of kids and parents across the U.S.

Basketball star Stephen Curry took to the road to lend his support to the Brita Filter for the Future campaign.