Building brand loyalty with the first Fresh Step litter bracket 

By Amanda Kaplan, Brand Engagement Manager 

To get closer to our consumers, Fresh Step is leaning into an innovative social strategy that will help us build community and brand affinity.  

This month we’ll be harnessing enthusiasm for one of the biggest college sporting events of the year by creating our very first Fresh Step bracket. So while many of us will be rooting for our favorite teams on the basketball court, our own cool cats — our organic community of over 540,000 (across organic social and email) — will be rooting for their favorite litter in the Pawsome Playoffs. They will have the opportunity to pick their top-ranked litter and rally behind it to see which is named No. 1. Additionally, we’re giving three lucky followers the chance to score the champion litter and other fur-tastic swag. 

This interactive content will bring our fans closer together and strengthen their bond with Fresh Step. Follow @freshstep on Instagram to track picks in the Pawsome Playoffs!