Brita Invites You to Live The Filtered Life

By Megan Ritter

What if you could do something to filter out the bad stuff in life so you could get straight to the good stuff? What if it was easier to ignore negativity and embrace positivity?

At its core, the Brita® brand allows people to filter out the bad to get to the good with great-tasting, clear water. So we set out to help filter out more than that — at its source.

Where does negativity thrive? Online. Unfortunately, we’re seeing more and more cases of mean-spirited efforts to hurt other people online.

But what could a brand do to help filter out this negative language?

We brought together our brand, basketball superstar Stephen Curry and The Cybersmile Foundation (an international anti-cyberbullying nonprofit) to launch The Filtered Life. This campaign inspires people to help bring out the best of the Internet and encourages people to take purposeful, small steps to eliminate social media hate so we could get back to the good stuff.

Stephen Curry introduces The Filtered Life, inviting people to join him and the Brita brand in the fight against online bullying.

We kicked off the campaign with our Filtered Life video series, which features people telling their own unique stories of how they overcame negativity, hate and bullying. Sharing these authentic, relatable stories about filtering out the bad to get to the good was important to us, and we also edited them into an anthem video called Join Us to encourage people to rally around the campaign.

An April 2017 segment of a late-night television show featuring Stephen Curry discussing The Filtered Life campaign has been viewed online more than 7 million times.

That same month, Stephen also helped us launch Filter Your Feed, an online tool ( where people can scrub their Twitter history for potentially negative words or posts they may now regret. The tool then offers up positive, original content, like gifs of Stephen Curry with puppies and ice cream, for people to share and help put the good back into the internet.

For every use of or positive content share from the tool with #FilterYourFeed, Brita made a $1 donation to The Cybersmile Foundation, for a $20,000 total grant.

Feel free to give it a try here!

This theme of filtering out the bad to focus on the good in life and in water can be seen throughout Brita’s communications, both in video (TV and online) as well as social media.

Everyone should feel welcome and safe on the internet. Treating others with the same respect we want to receive is half the battle.

The Filtered Life encourages everyone to be the good online and promote the positive. Help us spread the good word.

And watch these people’s powerful stories of how they learned to filter out the negative and overcome bullying.