As Disinfecting Needs Evolve, So Does Clorox — and Our Electrostatic Portfolio

With vaccination rates increasing in the U.S., more people are venturing out to restaurants, attending sporting events and traveling.

When they do so, they want to feel confident about the places they go. Whether a venue is doing routine sanitizing for cold and flu germs spread via surfaces or disinfecting after a known case of COVID-19, Clorox offers new electrostatic technology options to help businesses disinfect spaces more quickly and thoroughly.

Recently, CloroxPro introduced the Clorox® Total 360® ProPack and TurboPro™ Cordless Handheld to our electrostatic sprayer portfolio.

These devices bring a new level of efficiency and mobility to the CloroxPro electrostatics lineup, with more portable forms — a backpack and a cordless handheld sprayer — to help professional cleaners access tougher-to-reach spaces. And to maximize efficacy and safety, Clorox provides a comprehensive lineup of disinfecting chemistries that are U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved specifically for use through sprayer devices. Not only are these chemistries approved for electrostatic sprayer application, but they also come with clear guidelines for safe use, including personal protective equipment requirements, protocols and space re-entry times.

CloroxPro chemistries for sprayer devices are made for the different needs of different spaces.

Clorox TurboPro Disinfecting Cleaner is intended for general disinfection of cold and flu and other bacteria and viruses in spaces like schools and offices. Anywhere Daily Sanitizing and Disinfecting Spray is a food-contact safe sanitizer made for food service settings. And Spore10 Defense Cleaner Disinfectant is intended for use in healthcare facilities to eliminate hard-to-kill pathogens like C. diff

From offices to schools and hospitals to arenas, these new lightweight, convenient electrostatic sprayers can go anywhere and help professional cleaners reach everywhere — the front, back and sides of surfaces — saving businesses valuable time and money.

To learn more about Clorox electrostatic technology, including the ProPack and TurboPro sprayers, click here.

10 Clostridium difficile spores only