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Burt’s Bees has teamed with nonprofit Life Experiences to meet an important sustainability goal.
The plant takes stock of its waste situation, finds ways to improve recycling and sustainability performance.
The Clorox Company Foundation annual report documents our efforts to build healthy and vibrant communities.
March 22 is World Water Day and a great opportunity to focus on one of the world’s greatest public health threats — contaminated water.
A massive fabric superstructure over the woodpile storage at this Kingsford plant will minimize exposure to natural elements. This should reduce energy use, help us reuse water and minimize potential emissions.
In these slow-growth days, large consumer packaged goods companies are looking for innovative ways to grow. At Clorox, we've created the Emerging Brands incubator.
This Women’s History Month, take a tour of our the Clorox Archive and see how our advertising has evolved over the decades.
As Memorial Day approaches, Andy Mowery reflects on the value of veterans to our company and how the VetNet employee resource group helps them succeed.
A company’s only as relevant as the value it offers to consumers. That’s why we at Clorox are committed to innovation in all its forms. From new processes to leading edge technology to unexpected ways of going to market. But to our consumers, it’s product innovation that stands out.
We have a host of hot product innovations across all our brands and businesses. Each one is driven by insights into real people’s wants and needs as tastes and times change.
ABLE, Clorox’s African American employee resource group, turned to an installation art project to commemorate Black History Month this February.
The Clorox® Scentiva™ line of cleaners was designed for scent seekers, people with a passion for infusing their lives with scent.
Noncash support from corporate partners like Clorox enables a nonprofit like Community Resources for Science to achieve its mission to bring scientists and everyday science into schools, writes Executive Director Teresa Barnett.
Fourteen Clorox sites and more than 800 employees worldwide rallied around the Earth Month theme, “Journey to Zero Waste.”
Our sole West Coast bleach and Home Care plant has reinvented itself since January 2016. We've added a third shift with new full-time employees to run it. We're producing twice as much as we were before, much of it on new machinery. And we've done this while becoming more sustainable.
Clorox scientists. They pursued careers in professions not typically held by women or minorities. Today, they work behind the scenes to make sure Clorox products are safe and effective.
For the 783 million people around the world who lack access to clean and safe water, worrying about and collecting healthy water is a major fact of life. To draw attention to this global public health issue, Clorox partnered with AOL's HuffPost RYOT to create a 360-degree video.