Footprint Reduction Summary

Since establishing our first environmental sustainability strategy in 2008, we’ve made significant progress in reducing our operational footprint, both on an absolute basis as well as on an intensity basis (on a per case basis).

Goal Period No. 1

Our first footprint reduction period was from 2008-2013, using 2007 as our baseline year. However, at the end of 2011, four years into our six year goal period, we exceeded three of our four goals. We then reset our goal period at the end of 2011. The chart below shows our footprint reduction performance from 2008-2011 (on an intensity basis – per case product sold).

Goal Period No. 2

In 2012, we set new footprint reduction goals. Using 2011 as our baseline year, we aim to reduce our GHG emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, and solid waste to landfill by 20 percent each (per case of product sold) from 2012-2020. These reductions are in addition to our previous reductions achieved from 2008-2011.