What’s This Blog About?

Welcome to CR Matters, The Clorox Company’s blog, where we’ll talk about … matters of corporate responsibility (CR).

The Clorox Company has been around for awhile (99 years, 158 days and counting), but it’s in recent years that we formalized our CR strategy. That’s not to say corporate responsibility hasn’t been a part of our business. Back in our founding year of 1913, the company sold Clorox® liquid bleach to  industrial customers in returnable, five-gallon crockery jugs.  (Our founders weren’t ones for wasting resources.) And for the last 32 years, The Clorox Company Foundation has awarded more than $87 million in educational grants, scholarships and other donations.

I highlight our “formal” strategy because it informs how we think about and approach CR and our business. We see the five pillars of our CR strategy — Performance, Products, People, Planet and Purpose — as the intersection of our business and social imperatives.

So in the posts to come, we’ll be letting you know how we’re doing when it comes to our 5Ps. Members of our core CR team will be writing, and we plan to enlist other employees and Clorox stakeholders to share their thoughts in upcoming posts.

Have thoughts about topics you’d like us to address? Please let us know.