Tapping Black cultural insights to advance business priorities 

A committee formed by our ERG for Black employees provides valuable business insight to our brands and helps them make authentic connections with Black consumers.

By Gwen Gaines, Sales Specialist

Black consumers have regularly been overlooked by companies that don’t see their value as a priority demographic. Their essential needs are going unmet because of these decisions, leaving them underserved in areas such as food, housing, healthcare, broadband and banking.

Clorox recognized there was great potential to cultivate the large emerging market in the Black community. With a little ingenuity and deeper analysis, we found a way to service the Black consumer in the U.S. by tapping into significant value and contributing to a meaningful economic revival.

The company’s ERG for Black employees, BELIEVE, formed the Business Insights Committee, also referred to as BIC, to provide valuable insights to our business units. BIC’s mission is to help Clorox brands make authentic connections with Black consumers and has partnered with a number of brands this fiscal year to support their marketing efforts:



The Business Insights Committee helped build a special Pine-Sol Spotify execution leveraging insights around the “Saturday Morning Deep Clean,” a tradition in the Black community.



BIC partnered with the brand on year two of its Preserve the Pit marketing program that honors Black pitmasters. The committee assisted with creative reviews on artwork for the special packaging and provided input on online video content. It also facilitated ongoing engagements with pitmasters to continue to educate the team on cultural nuances related to grilling.


Hidden Valley

BIC supported the brand on its cause marketing efforts, serving as an active participant in planning sessions to develop strategies and tactics. The committee also advised the business on cultural sensitivity issues for new television creative. 



Working with the Glad brand, BIC served as advisers during the development of a Y2K-themed ad for its new Cherry Blossom-scented Force Flex Plus trash bags. The brand provided feedback on tone, casting, music and campaign measurement, among other things.


Burt’s Bees

Members of the BELIEVE ERG facilitated a large packaging study for our Burt’s Bees brand to provide guidance on a Burt’s Bees line extension for Black consumers.


Through its Business Insights Committee, the BELIEVE ERG is proud to help the company better serve Black communities and ensure that it’s done in a credible, thoughtful and authentic way. It’s a goal we’re all united to achieve.