Stories from our people: Megan Roeth in Marketing

Megan Roeth is a marketing associate director on the food business. She’s done the sort of career building that usually happens when you move from company to company — she’s just done it all here at Clorox.

“I’ve been working at Clorox for 10 years,” Megan says, “and had the opportunity to work on a variety of businesses from Clorox Bleach at the Fairfield plant to Hidden Valley Ranch on the marketing team. Each business has an engaged consumer, which I love. When friends or even strangers find out I work on Hidden Valley, they will stop to tell me all about their love of our products. These are some of my favorite conversations.”

“I love the fact that these products are in everyone’s homes. It’s exciting to go into friends and family’s homes and see them using our products in their everyday life,” she adds. “Coming from the Bay Area, I had a lot of friends going into tech, but I wanted to see my products on the shelf in stores and use the product myself to be more connected to them, which I feel like at Clorox we’re able to do.”

Support and encouragement from her teams helped Megan move through her career evolution. “I started in product supply and was an engineer, and I’ve now had experiences in both sales and marketing. Clorox has the opportunities to work and grow in different ways that have aligned with my career aspirations,” she says. “My mentors in the organization have been a wonderful support system throughout my career.”

Much like her own career path, Megan sees nothing but potential in the year ahead for Clorox. “I think the future of Clorox is ever evolving. We’re changing to meet the needs of our consumers. People are at the center of everything we do.”