Stories from our people: Jon Pasco in Enterprise Data & Tech

Get to know Jon Pasco — he’s part of our Enterprise Data and Technology function (formerly IT).  

“Every day, I feel like we’re given an opportunity to improve something — whether it’s streamlining our processes to be able to deliver a project sooner, or faster or in a more efficient way, or guiding our organization toward the right investments,” says Jon. “There’s that opportunity for us to make an impact.” 

Jon and his husband, Donn, came to work for Clorox from the Philippines, so their introduction to the company and the country happened simultaneously. “It was my first time being in the U.S., my first time working in an office here,” he says. “Everyone was so welcoming and supportive, especially knowing that we came from another country.” 

As a dad of twin toddlers, his focus is on their well-being. “I’m so happy knowing that there’s a company that is championing people to be well and thrive, and making products that will ultimately make our homes cleaner, safer and healthier.”  

From an employee perspective, he’s also proud to work for a company that champions diversity and inclusion. “Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community and an Asian immigrant, it’s important for me to have a company that actually encourages me to be my authentic self, and to bring my whole self to work,” says Jon. “Here, I can be a dad, but at the same time I can be successful at work. I don’t feel like I need to sacrifice either.”