Stories from our people: Dilpreet Kaur in R&D

Get to know Dilpreet Kaur, a senior scientist here at Clorox.

When she first entered the field, her workplace expectations weren’t exactly met — yet. “As a scientist, I always thought I wanted to do research, and I tried the academia route, but it seemed a little slow-paced for me,” she says.

With our launch timelines anywhere from three months to 24 months, Dilpreet believed consumer goods might be a better fit.

“My friends use our products, my family uses our products, the doctors I go to use our products,” she says. “So, when I think about the work I do to change Clorox wipes for the better, I think about how many people are benefiting from that. Whether it’s spending less time cleaning and more time hanging out with their kids, or they’re making sure their patients are safe in that hospital room … yeah, our work is important.”

Her passion for science is evident both within her team and within her community. “I love that we can make science approachable,” she says. “I volunteer with Clorox and outside of Clorox on STEM initiatives, making sure people have access to science, technology, engineering and math. And I think we need to get out of the old routine of just having one picture of what engineers look like, ’cause engineers look like me, too.’”